What exactly is H1B de-linked from L2?


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I have been on H1B for past 3.5 years with the same employer(2.5 years left on H1B). My spouse recently came to US on L1A (she has pretty much full term left of L1A). If I plan to change the status from H1B to L2 how much time will I be able to work on L2? I read something about H1B period is de-linked from L2. I did not understand that part.

Also if I change the status from H1B to L2 and start working with a new employer on L2, will that employer be able to file a GC for me?

Help is greatly appreciated.

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It used to be that all time in H1, H4, L1, L2 combined together could not extend a certain time. Nowadays, only time in H1 and L1 is combined. People in H4 or L2 status can stay as long as the primary's H1 or L1 status is valid.

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Okay. But does that mean I can work on L2 till the primary L1 is eligible to work?

In my case I have 2.5 years left on H1B and my spouse has almost 6 years plus left on her L1A. If I go on L2 today will be able to work for additional 6 plus years?

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