Visitor visa for my parents through my husband?


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I applied for visitor visa for my parents in Dec. 2012.I am on F1 visa and just graduated from nursing school. I applied based on my graduation ceremony. Their visa was rejected. My family in India showed that they will be paying for the ticket and stay here in US.

Now, I was thinking if I can apply for them through my husband who is working using his EAD for a big IT consulting company. His H1B expired last year. His EAD has 2 more years of validity.

Do you think it is a good decision to with?

And does the timing seem okay because of the summer?

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The problem was with their lack of ties to their home not the person providing documents. It is even a bigger problem if they were denied when self sponsored. His EAD status will not help since you and he obviously are intending immigrants. Many illegally in the US are visitor visa overstays waiting for their child to become a citizen.

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