H1B 5th year and Two PERMs in Audit


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Hello Murthy Forum -

I'm currently in 5th year of my H1B and my employer filed a PERM(EB2) on June 2011 which is still pending. My immigration attorney says this PERM was selected for audit on Oct 2011 and response was sent on Nov 2011. As I dont have access to check status, could this PERM be still pending as it's already more than year ?

And same employer filed another PERM on Nov 2012 which is selected for audit again recently and audit still not responded. I'm very unclear that why the second one went to audit again? is it the way/approach how PERM is being filed by my attorney?

Considering the fact that I'm already on 5th year of H1B, what are my best possible moves right now to get my H1B extensions(1yr or 3yrs) further beyond 6th year? My H1B's 6th year ends on Aug 2014.

Should I change my employer and try applying PERM one more time? or stay with my current employer and wait till my one of the PERMs get some decision?

Appreciate all your help and service on immigration.

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