Applying for H1-B with a MBA degree while the undergrad engineering degree has not been issued.


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Hi all,

I need guidance tackelling the above situation.

I am an engineer from Mumbai, India and I am scheduled to graduate from an accredited university in Philadelphia, PA with an MBA in Accounting. This winter I interned with a Big 4 firm and was offered a full time position begining Fall 2014.

Recently I was contacted by the firms legal department asking me to submit my documents for review. Amongst the requested documents they also mentioned I would have to provide my final transcripts and degree. They are aware I will be graduating next month. My question is will my degree and marksheet from Mumbai University be required to be submitted?

The reason I am asking this question is that my university here granted me admission based on my 7 semesters marksheet and the result for the final semester was not declared until I reached the US. I have not gone back since I got here 2 years ago and as a result have not procured the final marksheet or degree as it I have not needed them till date and my school in India is not very co-operative with any one representing me and insists I would have to go there and personally fill out applications for the same.

I have been speaking with friends who have gone through the process and obtained H1-b's in the last 2 years and from what I heard there is a 50/50 split between people that were asked to submit their undergrad documents and those that applied simply based on their masters.

Can some one please advise if the undergraduate degree is absolutely required to be submitted and if there is any way around it.

I would really appreciate the help.

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