Filing for Green card via marriage while on H1B


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I am currently on H1B, I came to US in 2008 on F-1 completed my masters got a job and did a AOS to H1B via a consulting firm and working as a contractor with different clients. I would be getting married later on September of this year to my fiance who is a US citizen and have known for the past 3 years, after which we are planning to apply for AOS to get my GC with AP The question is my employer has not filed for an H1 ammendment (that's what it is called I guess, just a LCA for the new client) with the new client I am working with stating it is not necessary. So would that cause any issue when we do an AOS to get GC with AP ? I haven't got my stamping done for H1B yet due to time constraints but always have maintained a legal status. Any thing else that we need to be aware of or that should be done asap ?. We will be hiring a immigration lawyer later but now we are tied up with all the wedding preparations.

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