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My case is as follows

Pd: jan 2004

Filed for i-485: 06/01/2007

I-485 approved: 10/12/2007 (less than 180 days)

My problem is I worked for sponsor(Company X) for 5 years BEFORE GC. On 9/2006 a better opportunity came up and I joined Company Y. When the GC came I went back to Company X, but work was slow and they could not take me back. After a couple weeks, they gave me letter saying my position was being eliminated for slow work. I cannot invoke AC21 because i-485 was not pending for 180 days.

After that I worked on the same position for about 18 months, was laid off again.

Is this a problem for citizenship. Company and I had intent but the crisis hit and they did not have more sales.

My wife GC was separated from mine and her came on August 2010. We have since divorced (May 2011) is she going to have any issues with her citizenship. We don't talk anymore but she has cancer and I hope she gets citizenship so she can continue her treatments here.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

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First, about your wife, her treatments should not be contingent on her citizenship.

It is unlikely that you will have a problem. However, if you are concerned anout any immigration issue, it is worthwhile to review your situation with an immigration attorney with experience in your types of cases (i.e employment verses family).

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