H1B Petition Transfer filed in Premium but not got the Receipt number even after a week


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I got my H1b visa stamped in nov 2012 from employer A and the visa validity is till Oct 2014,but I resigned EMployer A and I never used the above said Visa and petition.As the Visa is still valid i got a new sponsor and he filed my petition transfer on mar 20th in Premium processing, even after a week completion neither did the attorney received the receipt number nor did the check got cleared.Do we need to wait for more time before contacting USCIS or do we need to do that urgently.please advice.



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As from my attorney they posted on 3/21 thrusday via FedEx and heard delevired to uscis on 3/22, still waiting for my recipt number as called up my employer he was unable to get attorney at this movement due to high volume of h1b petitions process from him and all i can do is wait for atleast to recieve through mail. Yes it's PP. sure I,ll keep you posted. Mean while check ********.com as they have tracker for h1 and other for approval and receipt dates posted.

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I have posted my documents to USCIS for H1b Transfer on 3/18 evening and still i didn't receive the receipt number yet. My employer and my attorney also didn't receive any notification. What might be the reason? In this situation how i need to proceed?

Wit till the end of this week. If no receipt notice is received then your employer/attorney has to contact USCIS.

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