Ottawa second interview plz help


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Hi All,

I was issued 221g for not having client letter last year October, and I came back to India in November. Now I got a new project and I submitted client and vendor letter. They have asked me to reappear for interview again at Ottawa. They emailed client with questions, client answered them, and at least in response to one question, my client replied that my employer holds the control, and also that my employer also supervisions, and will take care of performance reviews and any disciplinary actions if needed. They also asked my client the requirements and qualifications for the position. My client responded and I match the qualification and experience. The vendor had called them and I asked the vendor what they asked them. He just said that they asked him who was calling, he replied vendor XYZ, and they asked who the client, the replied ABC. The vendor said the guy was very nice, and that the embassy person said that it will be a easy process. Has anyone gone through the similar experiences or if you know of anyone who has gone through the same situations. Please help with any suggestions and comments. Thanks.

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I am also in same boat..I have attended visa interview at ottawa in November, they gave 221g. During this period, my project was completed.I came back to India in december. Now the embassy has informed me to send the project details if I have got any new client.

In your case, Did u apply for a new lca and H1 amendment or you have sent them the client and vendor letter.

lets share information, send me ur email id. my email id **************

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I am in similar position too. Attended my visa in Feb and VO gave me 221g. After two weeks they contacted my client and client replied that my position don't have funds to support in future. Got email from Consulate to submit new client letter from same client.

I applied for H1 transfer through new employer and waiting for approval. I am still in Toronto, should go for visa interview once my transfer approves.

you can contact me at **************

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I am in a similar situation, got 221g in oct, came to India in Nov, got email from embassy to reappear for interview and at the same time they called up my emp asked about what I was doing?, My emp replied that he is working for our company(inhouse) and sent them the roles and responsibilities?, Please let me know What do I need to take care of, as I have to attend the interview

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I submitted new client letter, vendor letter. They contacted client with questionnaire and my client responded. After my client responded, they asked me to come for 2nd interview. Vendor called and spoke to them, and vendor said that he was told it would be a easy process. My employer applied for new LCA. I am waiting for it and emp letters to submit before I go. I have my fingers crossed. Thanks. My email is ********************at gmail . com

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Hi, @nak123, @sunilkumarbogg, @Capri06:

I need your response please. I am in Same boat. I could not find any of your email ids to contact you. My email is in my (murthy profile). Please any of you see this post, plz mail me. I attended again on 25th April and got 221g for employer verification. I am waiting on that fingers crossed.

Please mail me.


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