Can I have 2 H1B Petitions at the same time?


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Hi All,

I have a small doubt. Can someone help me out on this ?

I have an approved H1B petition for the last year quota. I may go for stamping within a months time.

Now my Current company in INDIA also wants to file a petition for me for this year's Quota.(they are not aware of my earlier approved petition).

Now my doubt is, Can I have 2 H1B petitions filed at the same time ?

If I say yes to my current company to apply another petition for me in this year Quota, Do I need to mention my earlier receipt no in the new petition ?

Will my new petition from the Current Company has a negative impact/affect in the Interview/Stamping of my first h1B approval for my earlier employer ?

Will the Interviewer knows about my SECOND PETITION details during the Interview/Stamping of my first h1B approval for my earlier employer?

Thanks in Advance,


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Even I don't want to apply for another H1B while i already have an approved H1B.

My current company is trying to retain me by applying in this year Quota.

I have bought sometime from my current company and stopped them file on April 1 2013.

But answers to my questions can be of good help.


Why do you want to use another quota spot and deprive somebody else of an H1.

You already have an H1, you don't fall under the quota.

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