Names Jumbled in e-ticket compared to name in Passport/US Visa.


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Hi All,

My monther-in-law's passport and US visa were issued like the last name as Rao and first name as Cxxxxx Kxxxxxxx. But in the US ticket that was purchased the last name is given as Cxxxxx and First name is given as Kxxxxxxx Rao. This is an Air-India ticket and they are travelling next month when i called the customer service they said it should not be a problem but I dont want to take any chance. Did anyone had like this issue before and what was the outcome for that. Do I need to visit local office for changing the name in ticket? what is the process for changing the name etc. Please suggest.

Note: there are no spelling mistakes in the names, the names are just jumbled from first to middle and middle to last.

Please advise.

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