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I have not yet received by appointment letter, but I received a yellow letter in the mail asking me to get records of all my arrests in the interview. I have never been arrested or have committed any type of criminal offense. The reason why I answered yes to question 16 was because I have 2 speeding ticket (first in 2007 and second in 2008), and I a right turn on red ticket by automated camera (in 2012).

How should I respond to this letter? Should I call USCIS to clarify?

Thanks much!

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I have received the same yellow letter in mail. I've never been arrested like you! I just had one speed camera ticket and that was the reason I answered Yes to question 16.

I called the number. It wasn't helpful and said either you can get an infopass and go talk to them about it or at the time of interview explain to the officer.

Please share us your findings or advice in this regard.


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