Mumbai Consulate 221g tracker March 2013


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Hello Everyone,

I would like to start thread for 221gs received at Mumbai Consulate. Here is my experience.

I went for H-1B Visa interview on 4'th March. I work for a company who uses a PEO ( Professional Employer Organization ).

I reached the consulate at 6:30 am for a 7:45 am appointment. I was surprised to see people already lined up.

After all the security measures and finger printing, I was asked for interview at counter #33. The VO was a lady and she questioned me about

  • Job duties
  • Employer
  • University
  • Job Location
  • Clients

She asked me for all the documents I had. She then asked for me to wait. I thought the wait could be half to 1 hour. But after all the people (around 900) were interviewed and I was the ONLY one left in the consulate, I was concerned. I asked the assisting people why am I not being called again. For some time, I thought I had misheard VO to wait for the decision instead of to wait right there. But she lady called me as I heard my name on the speakers.

She again asked me about same questions in different way but I was surprised by her politeness. Most VOs are not polite.

She said everything is OK as far as your job role and employment goes however she was concerned of using a PEO as all the pay checks and w2 came from the PEO company. She asked for the agreement between PEO company and my company which I didn't have at that time. She returned me all the documents I gave her and my passport

She took out 221g blue and wrote on it

"Submit all the documents at the windows and if possible the agreement between PEO company and the employer ".

When asked how long it will take to process, the VO replied "couple of weeks".

I submitted the docs the next day i.e. 5th March and still waiting for the reply.

After I received no reply from the consulate in "couple of weeks", I approached the company lawyer, and he sent out an email to Mumbai consulate requesting the visa to be approved and clarified of who actually my employer is i.e. the employer is my company and not the PEO company. I will post what they reply.

Did anyone face 221g Blue at Mumbai Consulate ?

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