Last name change on I-94 after marriage.


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I tried to search for a topic that answers my questions, but couldn't find proper match yet and thought to post it in case some one can help me.

I got married in India about two months ago. My wife and I both are here on H1B. She wants to change her last name which requires the change of last name on SSN first. Now, this requires her new last name on I-94 which is not the case. Her last name on I-94 is the one she had before marriage.

I have following questions in regardance with this issue:

1. How can we change her last name on I-94 and if doing so will update all of her immigration related records?

2. I realized that her I-797 (approval of H1 filing), passport and visa stamp still reflects her last name from before marrige. Will this cause any issue if her name is changed to new one on I-94 and then she wants to visit India and come back while still during same H1B period?

3. What needs to be done if her company needs to file H1B renewal with her new name?

I'll appreciate any help and guidance on this.

Thanks a lot.

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well..i feel its better to start from Passport as you are a alien in this they might need to see your status H1B..for H1b name change..your passport name would need to be matched...

im also in the same wife's last name still hasnt been changed...either i'll change right away starting from passport, GC, SSN, DL, Med Insurance, Utility bills....etc etc....or when she'll be eligible for citizenship

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  • 2 years later...

I know this is old post.... but still trying to find the answer.


vkgandhi84   --- I am in same situation as you.




My wife went to SSN office and they returned her saying she needs to correct her name with Dept of Home Land Security first.


I searched on internet but coudn't find the exact process.


Can you please let us know how did your wife change her name on SSN, I-94 etc ??


Please let us know the process in detail.

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