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Hi, I have been going through multiple online sources to understand whether or not L2 holders really need EAD to work in US, but I am still not clear. In the SSA link https://secure.ssa.g...nx/0110211420#g there are 3 sections

1. Aliens authorized to work without DHS document

2. Aliens authorized to work with DHS document

3. Aliens not authorized to work .

I see L2-spouse comes in section 1. Can you please clarify whether my spouse (L2) can start searching job when we land there ?

My spouse has SSN when had visited US last time.

I see following information too.

For COAs displaying a double asterisk (**) (non-immigrant E-1, E-2, and L-2 classifications), the spouse is also authorized to work without specific DHS authorization.

Spouse of an intra-company transferee.

The alien must submit either:

an EAD (Form I-766) showing “A-18” under Category; or

evidence other than an EAD that proves the L-2’s lawful alien status (e.g., I-94) and a marriage document as evidence that he or she is the spouse of the principal L-1 alien.

Appreciate your response. Thanks..

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Although the SSA takes the position that no EAD is required for an L2 foreign national to be able to work, USCIS takes the opposite position. Given that the SSA does not regulate foreign nationals, for the most part, we recommend that foreign nationals in L2 status obtain an EAD prior to commencing to work.

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Per what Attorney_23 posted, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will issue a Social Security Number (SSN) and card to a spouse on a L-2 visa without an employment authorization document (EAD). That is just a SSN. The USCIS requires a spouse on a L-2 visa to be approved for employment authorization to work. In other words, for employment on a L-2 visa a spouse needs both a SSN and a EAD.

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