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I am currently working with Employer A and have valid visa until Oct 2013.

I got a new offer from Employer B filed a transfer with them and case is in security check.

1. Can i Continue with Employer A ?

2. Can i apply transfer with new Employer since my last petition is in security check?

3. I am planning to go for stamping this year, Does this things effect my visa stamping.

Please let me know.



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I've transferred my HB1 from employer A to employer B using I-140 approval from employer A, so got the approval for 3 yrs and working for last 6 months and GC is not yet filed from employer B and I've approval for next 2.5 yrs. If I want to transfer from employer B to a new employer C, how long I can get extension?

Advanced members/Attorneys please suggest me.

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