Approved visitor visa for parents and grand parents.


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Thanks for murthy forum and people posted experience.

My profile : currently on H-1B, single, working as developer.. i am bearing all the expenses..

Interview appoinment was on Friday at 21 march 9 am Hyderbad . They are at 830 , and here are questions asked

questions for Grand Pa

VO : (Grand Pa ) why are you going?

Grand Father : visit grand son and tourism

VO : (Grand Pa ) what you do?

Grand Father : worked as Retired M.R.O

VO : (Grand Pa ) howmany childeren

Grand Father : 3 daughter and 2 son

VO : (Grand Pa ) how much is your grand son salary

Grand Father :****

VO : (Grand Pa ) what is your current income?

Grand Father : ****

VO : (Grand Pa )Are all four of you going along?

Grand Father : yes

VO : (Grand Pa ) who's grand son is was he son's son or daughter son?

Grand Father : daughter son

VO : (Grand Pa ) who are next you ?

Grand Father : Pointing Grnad ma (wife), daughter (mom), my dad ()

mean while asked my dad

VO; how many children ?

Dad : 3, 1 son and 2 daughter.

back again to grand pa :

VO : (Grand Pa ) asked about pension and properties

Grand Father : blah blah blah blah..

intrupted and as my grand pa was still explaining and

VO : namaste your visa was approved mean while my mom intrupted grand pa and vo smilied and please hold on and dont confuse me please(vo).

Intresting is that they didnot ask my mom or grand mom even a question :-). Interview was in reginal language.

and a big smile on every one. Good luck for all.

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