221G -> Reaffirmed -> NOIR -> ?


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Hello Friends,

Here is summary of my case.

1. 221G - OCT 2011

2. Document Submitted - Nov 2011

3. Case Sent Back to USCIS - March 2012

4. USCIS reaffirmed - FEB 13, 2013

5. Sent soft copy of reaffirmed visa to Mumbai consulate and

asked for the visa interview.

6. Consulate asked to appear for the interview on any working


7. I Was collecting new client letter, vender letter and other

required documents to appear for the interview. My client is

ready to hire me back after I go back to US and provided all

required docs.

8. USCIS issued NOIR on March 12, 2013 before attending

interview at consulate.

Now I am not sure whether I -

Should attend the interview with reaffirmed visa and other related documents.


Should ask attorney to respond to NOIR and wait for the reaffirmation again.

Dear Friends and attorney, please respond. Its really urgent.

Thanks in advance.


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