Extending H1 beyond 6 yrs if PERM not filed before end of 5th yr


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Will I be eligible for H1 extension (>6 yr) if my employer starts PERM in Jul 2013 for H1 expiring in Sep 2014 (after recapture)

H1 valid till 30 Sep 2013 (but able to recapture ~12 months for time outside USA) - effective expiration Sep 2014

Moving to a new role (specific role yet to be determined) to new business unit within employer in Jul 2013. New business unit would then start GC process (EB2) with PERM in Jul 2013

How long does it take for PERM to be filed?

If my PERM is not filed before my 6th year of the H1 starts, what are the options for me to extend my H1 beyond 6 years?

My employer has announced layoffs - how could this impact my PERM?

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