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Following is my scenario, can anyone confirm if I need a H1B Amendment?

1.) I worked for Client A from 01/2010 to 01/2012. My H1B was applied during this period and its validity is from 10/2011 to 10/2014

2.) I changed to Client B in 03/2012 and worked there until 01/2013. My employer applied for a new LCA due to change in client.

3.) I came back to Client A in 01/2013 and now planning to go for H1B stamping in Toronto.

Since I am with the same client as that when H1B was applied can I bypass the H1B Amendment?



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I have stamping after 2 weeks. But, I got to know that one has to file h1b amendment if you change your client (project) as you were on when you got h1b approved. Is it true?

I was working with client A last year when my h1b application got approved and now I am working with client B. So should I ask my employer to file h1b amendment? This rule is mentioned somewhere?

Please help.

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