H1B visa post old H1B expiration


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Will be thankful if an attorney responds to this query.

My H1B was stamped in 2007. Was in US for 4 months in 2008.

Had a couple of queries

  • I wanted to know if I will fall under the H1 cap, given that I already have a stamped H1B. (I am getting mixed and doubtful views on this).
  • If I am correct, I needn't be processed in H1 cap, for 6 years after the first visa - approval or stamping - needed clarification.
  • In case the answer to the first question is yes, how do we go ahead with the stamping? Will it be applied in premium processing or even that is not needed.
  • The company that sponsored the visa is no more - will that make a difference?

Thanks in advance for crisp answers.



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