I-140: Premium processing, received RFE, change employer


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Hi All,

Here are my case details:

1. Employer filed I-140.

2. I paid premium processing fee to get it expedited.

3. Got RFE, and provided documents for the same.

4. Left the company while the employer was filing response to RFE (not sure if they filed or not).

5. USCIS case status hasn't updated, still on hold where it says that there is a RFE on my case.

My questions are:

1. Is there any way to figure out if the employer filed RFE response ? (i tried contacting them but no response :( )

2. If the employer doesn't file RFE response, what happens to the I-140 application ? Also, when will I know about it ? Is there a time limit in which the employer needs to submit response or the USCIS makes some decision ?

3. What happens to the premium processing amount which was paid by me ?

4. If my new employer wants to start my GC process, can they do it while the other I-140 is still in waiting state (without any decision) ?

Appreciate all your help and expert advice ..

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