Admin processing- H1b-7th Yr- Hyd-2 weeks passport arrived


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Wanted to share my recent experience with H1B visa stamping in Hyd, India

Year: 7th, H1B, same employer, same visa type and last stamping is in India.,

No appointment and no finger print episode, since my most recent visa was after 2008

Documents submitted

Old and New passports

Copy of 797 ( They do not take originals)

2 x passport photos

Latest W2

Letter from employer

Visa fee receipt

DS-160 confirmation page

March 4th Drop-box date :

March 9th Status update : Admin Processing :

March 14th Status changed to 'Issued'

March 16th Passport arrived via blue dart

March 17th Return flight !!

As usual they did not mention the reason for the 'Admin processing', my strong guess is since this is my 7th yr of H1B and not a common case

Also I forgot to submit 1-140 approval copy during the document submission. Since it the main reason I got my extension after 6 yrs.

Lucky enough to receive my passport on time and able to catch return flight without any drama.

Hopefully this information helps ..

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