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I am currently in India working for A company. A company sponsored my H1-B visa and it is Valid till Oct 2013 (from Oct 2012). I haven't entered USA on H1-B Visa.

Due to some project delay, Company A is not willing to send to me to work onsite (USA).

need your advise and help on below clarifications.

1. Can Company B (in USA) can hire and transfer my H1-B. if Yes

a. what is the probability that my H1-B transfer getting rejected.

b. if H1-B transfer for company B got rejected then H1-B from Company A still exists or not.

2. Can Company C (in India) can hire and transfer my H1-B.



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1. yes, any new company can transfer your H1B. They can do so even after expiry of this H1B

in Oct 2013. Transfer can be done any time within 6 years of approval

a. Probability of rejection.... .. it won't be rejected because you are trying to transfer to

a new employer. If this is what your question was. other than this, .... your guess is as good

as mine.

b. No, each H1B transfer is a new H1B petition. It is just that once you have H1B subsequent H1B

are not subjected to cap. hence the term transfer. So even if H1B transfer is rejected. original

H1B is still valid.

2. yes

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