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I know similar questions have been asked in the past but I would appreciate if I can get some feedback on my specific case,

I entered US on H4 in June 2008. I changed to F1 starting September 2011. My OPT started in August 2012 and I have been employed from Day1. I recently relocated and I was out of job for 55 days exactly. I have resumed full time employment. I will be applying for my OPT STEM extension in May 2013. I have never had my F1 visa stamped in my passport. I need to travel to India and I have to get my F1 visa stamped for the first time. My questions are,

Is it better to travel after getting my STEM Extension approved or does it not make a difference at all?

Will I be expected to show financial proof when getting my F1 stamped now that I am on OPT.

I have a valid full time offer. Pay stubs for the entire period,Tax Returns filed. I am aware that it will be counted towards the 90 day unemployment, but I am planning on being back in 3 weeks and I would still not have crossed my maximum number of days unemployment allowed on OPT.

Is there a possibility that inspite of getting my F1 stamped I may face issues at port of entry with the IO?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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I don't think the STEM approval case makes a difference, if anything it will give you an additional allowed unemployment period, isn't it?

You might have to scheduel your visa interview on day 2 or day 3 of your arrival in your home country , so that you have enough time if anything.

Definitely talk to your DSO before you make any plans.

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