F1 Visa to H1-B Query


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I wanted to ask a couple of questions regarding my situation which I am explaining below:

I finished my MAsters in CS and found a full-time opportunity. I enrolled in a Certificate Program and was issued an I-20 with a CPT to continue my employment at my company since my company could not file my H1-B last year(2012) as the quota was full. My queries are :

1) My F1-B expires in June 2013. My company is filing my H1-B when the quota opens up in April. I wanted to ask you how does the employment work after my F1-B expires since, if I am not mistaken(kindly correct me if I am wrong), the H1-B will kick in Oct 2013.

2) I had 2 months of OPT still left. But since I enrolled in the Certificate Program and took another CPT i was under the impression that I can no longer take that OPT. Can I still try and apply for that OPT or I will not be allowed to ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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