Visa Approved on 3/11 @ Vancouver


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Canada POE:

Purpose of Visit?

To attend Visa Interview.



Stayed in Comfort Inn:

Took Skytrain from airport.

(A few blocks walk after getting off skytrain)

Took cab to get to the consulate.($8)


MS in EE

Working as Pro Anal :)

I will jump to questions directly as most of the threads discussed other things.

Did you study in US?

Whats is your highest degree?

Which University?

Who is your employer?

How long you working for them?

Whom do you work for? (Client)

How long you working for them?

Do you have a client letter?

Show me your LCA

Show me your W2 (no match here W2 > LCA)

Your visa is approved.

Waited for the loomis update (took 3 days)

Picked up passport.(took skytrain to get there)


Purpose of Visit?


Kept the answers short. Carried most of the documents mentioned in http://forum.murthy....ons-all-in-one/

Let me know if you have any questions, will be happy to answer.

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Here is the list that I DID NOT CARRY

12. Experience letter

13. Project documents

14. Organization Structure

21. SOW (Vendor - Client) / Contract between vendor and client – IF Possible

25. Letters verifying your employment history and specific work skills (promotion/ appreciation/project certification letters) (if available/applicable)

32. Work location pictures

33. Client ID/Badge, Employer ID/Badge

34. Timesheets

35. Client location photos (optional)

41. A detail report on the project that you will work on at client including the technical details, timeline, current status, employees assigned etc. / Status Reports

Its better to carry necessary documents to support your case.

No one knows what VO gonna ask.

VO will be interested in supporting documents for proof, some may get away verbally. Depends on luck!

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