Left Employer after 1 month of filing I-485..

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Employer A :

Priority date : Sep 2009

I-140 approved : Aug 2010

In march 2012, date became current.. and My Employer denied to file I-485 saying that wages mentioned on perm is higher than my current wages.. it is big company and their attorney file I-485 only if current wages match with wages mentioned on Perm.

In April 2012, I filed I-485/EAD/AP myself without knowledge of employer and then left the employer later in may 2012.

In June 2012, I received EAD/AP card.

Employer B : I joined on H1-B in may 2012 and in Jan 2013 filed AC21.

Questions :

1. Is there any issue If I join any other employer with using my EAD. And can there be any issue in I-485 approval, since I left the Employer A before 180 days of Pending AOS.

2. Can there be question related to bona fide employment relationship with Employer A at the time of filing ? While filing for I-485, I attached generic Emp verification letter which did not include my job responsibilities, And Employer A confirmed that they will not revoke my I-140 and provided me I-140 copy and job responsibilities mentioned on perm.

Any help in this is much appreciated, since I am looking forward to join new employer using EAD.

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