F1 to H1B to I140 approval to H1bextension to F1 to H1B?


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Hello all, Sorry about making the title so complciated but heres my case..I am an Indian citizen, I have a masters in engineering from the US, I graduated in 2005 and I have been on H1b since then. I intend to go to full time school this year for my MBA leaving my current engineering job,

I had to leave the country temporarily for 4months, upon expiry of my first 6 year H1B term, and got back only after labor and I140 was approved and I am running on a H1b extension for 3 years.

I intend to transfer to F1 in Aug 2013 and graduate in Aug 2015.

My question is would I qualify for a H1B right away post graduation in 2015 or would I have to leave the country for a year?

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