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I have my H1B Transfer done last year - Sep-2012. During transfer, I didn't have a client letter, but my employer was able to provide the MSA (Master Service agreement) between the client and my employer and also my SOW (Statement of Work). My H1B transfer was successful and it got approved.

I am still with the same client and at the same location that was mentioned during the H1B transfer.

Now, I want to visit India to meet my family, but my Employer is saying that I need to make an amendment to the H1B petition with the client letter (only because it has a clause that - "My Employer has full authority to hire, fire and allocate work to me").

My question is - my client has not changed. The client location is still the same as was mentioned on my LCA and H1B petition during H1B Transfer. Do I really need an amendment just to add the Client letter on my H1B?

Would appreciate a quick response to it as I have already booked my tickets and need to plan my course of action. Thanks.

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