First time Applicant for H1b


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@ Rahul412!! yeah pretty much !! :)

@CanadaStamping10: No buddy, this is not for F1-H1.

Can you please let me know what visa stamp you got. Is this renewal of H1 or Change of status visa stamp. Your answer will help me a lot in my case whether to go to canada or India for stamping. My case is H4 - H1

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Hi All,

Need your help/suggestions on this.

I am a first time applicant of H1b. What are the questions VO asks for first timers.

I will be going for stamping in Toronto.

Your response will be highly appreciated.

you were saying first time applicant of H1b because you are going to h1 stamping for first time or you are the first person from your company going for h1-b stamping

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