Name change on H4 visa


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I have been residing in USA under H4 visa since October-2011. My Indian passport on which the visa was issued left my surname column empty and instead added my surname along with first name in the Given name column.

Given Name: <First_Name> <Surname>


So I got my visa issued as FNU<First_Name><Surname>. My Texas state issued Id card too reflects the same. On June 2012 I obtained a new passport from Indian Consulate, Houston, with the correction to the surname and Given name done.

My visa expires by October 2013 and I hope to extend it.

Will the Name correction be reflected on to my visa when I give it for extension? Also, My visa is still stamped to the old passport which is now cancelled, Can it be stamped to the new passport?

I have been accepted for Graduate studies for Fall 2013 and hope to claim in-state tuition fee. Will this issue affect my eligibility to claim in-state tuition fee?

I have degree certificates, Marriage certificates etc with the correct name as proof to show.

I appreciate any assistance that would be provided regarding this matter.

Thank you

Mangz Gopal

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