HIb given beyond 6 years


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My husband entered US on Jan 2008 in H1-B visa. He applied for h1b transfer in 2011 and it is approved and has the validity until SEP 2014. Since he entered US on Jan 2008 his 6 years is getting completed on Jan 2014, but his validity now is until 2014. How is this possible? Is this a mistake by USCIS ? He wants to change the company now, (h1b transfer). If we file a transfer, will it affect the dates? will they revoke it back to Jan 2014?

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There are instances when individuals get more than 6 years because of overseas travel/ stay etc in the past. I would try to continue the same error that USCIS created. It is not our mistake. The end date given by USCIS is the end date. Don't fret over the issue and enjoy your stay.

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