221G Pink slip


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I had my visa interview in Chennai today for my H1B petition. My interview went great except for these

1) My petition number in the DS160 form was wrong. There was another guy in my company(US based MNC) with the same name. So they put my company's visa desk put his number instead of mine in the DS160 form. The indian officer screening in the first building made a big fuss out of this. I told him it was a honest mistake but he said, its your responsibility to explain that to the VO.

2) The VO didnt ask me about it. She just asked some routine questions. Oh, I had an arrest when i did my masters in US. She asked me about it. I explained everything in detail. I told her I had the court disposition letters etc..and she took a look at them. She said she was impressed I was prepared and carrying all the documents. She said you application looks fine and i can approve your visa but there's one more thing you have to do before you leave for today. Then she took out the dreaded 221g PINK slip.

3) At the counter31, the Indian VO asked me some questions. There i realised there was another mistake in my DS160. In my previous employments, I put 2011 instead of 2012 in my past employment.

Now, I am wondering if any of these was a cause for 221g. Also, I have the most common name on the face of earth.:-)

Please helo.

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