221G Pink slip


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I had my visa inetrview in Chennai today. The interview went well except for this:

There were a few errors in my DS160 form.

1) My employer who is a reputed MNC put the wrong petition number in the DS form.

Now, the Indian at Chennai consulate who does the prescreening blew his gasket and was like why are the petition different etc..He acted as if I had committed a crime against human kind. He was like, you have to explain this to the VO.

2) I went to the VO. The interview went fairly well. I had an arrest history from US which was dismissed. She asked me about it. I gave her the detailed explanation. I told her i had the court disposition letter, and she asked to see it. She was impressed I had all the documents. And she told me she was impressed.

Then, she told me, everything looks fine for you and I am approving the visa but there is one more thing you have to do before you leave for the day and gave me a Pink slip 221G.

3) My stupid DS160 form bites me again. In my employment history, I put 2011 instead of 2012 in my previous employment history. We reviewed the DS160 so many times before submitting yet this happened.

Now I was aksed about this by the Indian lady who handles the pink 221Gs. I made it clear it would have been a mistake and I worked for my old employer till 2012.

Which of this could have caused this 221G? And is my Visa approved?

They kept my passport and the indian lady informed me, they will let me know within 4 weeks to 8 weeks.

Oh and to add to all this malice, I have the most common name on the face of this earth.:)

Please help.

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