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I recently got my H1B visa stamped in Chennai. This is my 7th year extension. After receiving the passport I found out that I was given a 5 year visa and also there's no Petitioner name and EAC number on the visa stamp. This looks something unusual. Do I have to contact Chennai consulate ans request them to make the corrections to the visa stamp? Please let me know what would be the best approach to solve this before entering the US.



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Hi Sam

Great to know that you got H1B stamping, Visa generally issued for based on 797 Expiry date and you mentioned that EAC no also not correct. So it is better to contact Consulate and get a confirmation

I have a question to you. I am also my 7th year Exn and planning to go stamping

Are working on Full Time/EC/EVC?

Do they asked anything related employee Employer relation etc?



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