EAD and AP Renewal (lost the I-797 receipts)

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I have got EAD and AP combo card last April. I had to move from one place to another (still with the same employer). I am not able to find the I-797 receipts for my EAD and AP after we moved. The same case with my wife and my son as well.

But, I do have the receipt numbers for all of them.

In this case, can I go ahead and apply for the renewal of EAD and AP without the receipt numbers?

The documents that I have are:

1. Express Mailer (for me and my wife)

2. Approved Advance Parole document for my son (I-512)

3. EAD and Combo card (for me and my wife)

4. Passport (for all three of us)

5. I-94 (for all three of us)

The document that I am missing is I-797 (receipt notices for all of us).

If I apply for our EAD and AP renewal without I-797 receipts today (13-Mar-2013), Can we stay in U.S. beyond my EAD and AP expiration dates (if they are not approved by that time)?



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