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(Sorry for reposting. This post was not getting any response in other thread.)

Hello everyone:

Please advise on the following situation.

I have worked for company "A" from 2006 to 2012 on H1B visa. Company "A" filed for my GC and I have an approved 140.

Using the approved 140, I have changed my job and started working for Company "B". I now have H1b validilty till 2015. Company "B" will initiate the GC process after a probation period. The immigration lawyer of the company said that I shoulld be able to retain the "priority date" from my approved 140 from previous employer "A" even if "A" withdraws the 140 petition.

I am now contemplating to move to company "C" and I have few questions.

1. My H1b is valid till November 2015(using approved 140). If I move to company "C", what will be the duration of my H1b?

2. Can I retain the "priority date" when Company C initiates the GC process?

3. Is there any potential risk in this move to new company?

Thank you in advance.

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