F1 to H1-B Extension (OPT Denied)


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My OPT was denied on Oct -2012 and I filed for motion in Nov-2012 which is still pending with USCIS. I planned to re-join my school but they said my status in SEVIS is updated as Completed as of August-2012 and I cannot re-join.

I had my H1-B from Sep 2008 to Sep 2011, but I went to India in 2010 and came back on F-1 which is valid until 2015.

I want to know if my stay is legal in U.S.A

I had a valid F-1 visa and I hope I am not maintaining my F-1 status. Right-now, Can I apply for my H1-B extension or do I need to wait until my OPT decision is made?

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