H1 Visa extension after 6 years


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I came down to India in May 2011 to deliver our Baby ,since then me and the baby are in India.My visa expired in SEP last year.He has completed 6 years in USA Our baby does not have a visa yet.My husband's visa expired on 30 SEP2012.He has applied for the visa extenion.We have no information from the labour department,the lawyers too are telling my husband they will get back to him once they have any information,In this situation what can we do.It will be two years since I am in India,will this have any negative effect for my Baby and my visa,incase we get an approval on the H1 extension.It will be 6 months since he has applied for a visa extension.HE has applied for Normal and not premium,his company is not allowing for premium extension.He is employed as of now.When would his H1 extension come through ?Usually how long does it take,I was told it takes 2months but it is past the 2month period.What are our options ?If H1 does not get approved what should be our next steps ?

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