H1 Transfered, but not intending to join


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Hi experts, I have an offer from Company B and they have filed for H1 transfer in Premium from my current employer (Company A). I now have another excellent offer from Company C. 1. Can Company C start my H1 transfer from Company A, even when the H1 transfer filed by Company B is in process? 2. Can Company B take any legal action or recover the H1 transfer charges from me, as I will not be joining them? 3. Company C asked me if I have any H1 petitions that I have not used for employment. Can I mention them the receipt number that company B has filed for my H1 transfer? Any inputs on my above questions will be very helpful in taking a decision.

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1. Yes, you can have any number of petitions but you can only work for one employer at a time

2. No, unless you signed any contract stating if you dont join them, you pay them the amount. Even then they cannot do anything with H1B

3. No need of any details of Company B as long as A is still valid. But if they are asking for it, there is no harm in giving the details

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