OPT STEM EXTN worked for a non e-verified company for a month


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I am working on OPT STEM extension expiring this June-2013. In Feb-2013 I joined this company and today I came to know that it is not e-verified. They are filing my H1B this april-2013 and they asked me to work as a contractor for them through a e-verified company until they get e-verified (or OCT 1st, 2013 when my H1b starts which ever is earlier). They are trying to get e-verified asap. So my question is, since I worked for this non e-verified company for a month (which will possibly be e-verified when they file my H1b), would it cause any problem to my H1b approval? Your help is much appreciated.Thanks alot!

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How did you get your OPT STEM extension employment authorization approved, as the I-765 Application for Employment Authorization form under the eligibility category ©(3)© (17-month extension for STEM students) in question 16 requires the "Employer's E-Verify Company Identification Number".

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