Vancouver Interview : No Pims and System is down


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Hi Friends,

i have my interview today...below are the questions...

in counter 1 they checked my Ds confirmation and i797 and wrote NO PIMS on the ds form.

model: EVC

went to 20th floor for interview....counter 4

This is my second time h1b stamping in canada. Last year i came to canada and got my stamping done with out any issues. but last year i got h1b for only 1 year and now i got my h1b for 3 years.

Vo: client name?

ans: xxxxxx

Vo: I think you are working with this client for a while now ..right?

Ans: Yes Sir for xxxx years.

Vo: masters in which university?


Vo: please give me your w2 and Lca.

ans: XXX

Vo: Our system is currently down and you will receive a email if we have any questions or You will recieve the details to pick up your passport (from loomis)

Ans: Thankyou.

He did't say whether my visa is approved or not. He didn't mention even about PIMS verification.

along with me one more person attended and got the same reply from other Vo officer. On his ds160 also they mentioned NO PIMS.

please let me know if anyone faced same senario? If my visa is approved then how much time it will take for PIMS verification?

thankyou...Please leave your suggestions.

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