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I applied for change of status from H4 to F1 in july 2012 and its still in initial review status. I haven't received any RFE and after raising multiple service requests I just got email asking to wait more from USCIS. My question is, have you seen any case similar where after 7 months and no RFE USCIS finally approved the cos ? Is it a way of rejecting application by USCIS ( by not giving any decision) ? Should I wait more or just cancel this request and initiate a new COS request ? Please guide me what to do next.


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Hi AkankshaAvi,

I am going to apply for change of status in a month or so and I am worried too after reading your post.

Hope all turns out well for you. Good luck. :)

I hope you clearly mentioned you non-immigrant intent in the letter.

Do you have the cover letter that you sent to USCIS for Change of Status? If so, can you please send a sample to me?


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