In-Laws names different in passport, How to fill DS-160 - URGENT PLZZZ


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Hi All,

My In-Laws names in Passport are different (I mean the middle name became last name for my mother in law). How do I need to fill the DS-160 form for B2 Visa, we have no time for re-applying the passport to get the names corrected. Do I need to blindly follow the names in passport as is for filling each DS-160?

Please see the details below how the names were given in passport...

Father in-law Name/details in Passport:

Surname Given Names

Pxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx Rao

Spouse Name

Pxxxxx Lxxxxx (No Rao)

Mother in-law Name/details in Passport:

Surname Given Names

Rao Pxxxxx Lxxxx

Spouse Name

Sxxxxxxx Rao (No Surname)

My Mother-in-law actual name is Lxxxxx Rao and Pxxxxxx is actual surname for both in-laws. My Father-in-law passport has correct details, not sure who filled the passport application for my mother-in-law but it is all messed up.

My question here is Do I need to follow the passports of each of them to fill the DS-160 and what is the risk in doing that as the names are different (jumbled). Please advise. Will the visa officer point at this? and also Do we have any issues while purchasing the flight tickets/travelling etc?



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