Approved I-140, Change of employer


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Hi Friends

I have my I-140 approved recently with Prioroty date OCt 26 2012, I have to change job ASAP, After I change employer,how soon my new employer should start my GC process using the previous employers priority date.

My idea is since my PD is Oct 26 2012 , I am thinking of joining a consulting firm and after I find Full time job will join the client and start my GC with them.

Is there any expiration period of the I-140?

Thanks in advacne


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There is no expiration period of the I-140.

There is no time limit on when the new employer can begin GC process. But, in my opinion it should be begun as soon as possible so that you have an approved I140 before you current H1 expires. That way you may get 3 yrs H1 extensions.

I don't understand what is so special about your PD being Oct 26, 2012 that would make you join a consulting firm - find a full time job via the consulting firm - join client - start GC (in that order). Wouldn't being employed by the consulting firm correspond to having a full time job?

Hope this helps.

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