H1B Visa approved @ Vancouver March 6th


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Thank you Murthy forum , all the responses helped a lot in preparation of my interview. I am on EVC model and did my Masters in US , same employer and same client since 2+ years.

My appointment was at 10 am but I went ahead of time , was there by 8:15 am. If we go early we can get the interview done early.

All formalities completed- security check etc , interview question below:

Asked for LCA.

VO: How long have you been working for the Employer?

ME: Since x years

Vo:do you get paid on time?

ME: I get paid always on time

VO: Are you a XXX ? (My Masters university symbol)

MESmiled and said : Yes I did my Master from XXX? I am glad you know about it

Golden words your visa approved :)

Waiting for passport and to fly back into USA :)

All the best to everyone else who are attending the interview.

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Hi ,

Yes my university is Wichita state University , he asked me if I am a "Shocker" that is what the call the WSU students :)

@H1Visa639 : I had a client letter with my vendor and employer info on it. But the VO never asked for it. he asked me only LCA he did not even look at it. It was sitting there in the counter all the time.

All the best!

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