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Hi all,

I gave my H1b visa interview at New delhi embassy in Nov, 2011. Mine is EC model, My employer is small Product development company. After interview, VO took all the documents and issued Green slip saying that "We are reviewing case".

On Feb 10,2012 , I got formal letter saying that we are sending case back to USCIS.

On December 7th,2012, USCIS received case finally. Now can somebody tell me that how much time will it take to make decision on the case once USCIS receive it?

Is there any body got reaffirmation in his/her case who gave his first interview at New delhi? Please let me know it's very important for me.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Trivedi,

I gave my visa interview on April 17th 2012 and visa officer took my passport and documents and asked for few more documents. Which i submitted a day letter.

June i got a letter stating that your case is being sending back to USCIS for revocation and blah blah....

On July 6, USCIS website status changed to like they received the case from visa consulate and they are reviewing it.

On September 5th, USCIS status said that the case is reaffirmed but after waiting for the reaffirmed document for another 6 months.

On March 6th the status changed to Intend to Revoke (Some people call it NOIR). Just waiting for the notice to reply back to USCIS and as usual wait for an update.

Coming to your case : My best suggestion is dont expect a definite time period for USCIS to reaffirm a case. Instead try difference options.


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