Converted from H4 to H1B - Can i go for H1B Visa Stamping in Canada?


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Hello All,

I entered USA on my F-1 Visa and completed my Master's Degree. After that, i had filed my H1B through Company A. My Company A failed to file my H1B extension on time, due to which i had to leave to India and return back on H4(dependent) Visa.

I then found a job through Company B while on my H4 Visa and got converted from H4 to H1B through company B.

Can someone please advise, whether i can visit Canada for my H1B Visa Stamping or i need to go to India for my stamping? Also, this is the first time i will be going for my H1B Visa Stamping. Your help is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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