Is it advisable to go for H1b stamping within 4 months after H1b transfer to a new employer


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Hello Gurus,

I recently did H1B transfer to a new employer and completed 2 months on his payroll and working for the same client. I'm planning to go for stamping after 2 months in Vancouver. Before joining this new employer i was working for the same client but with a different vendor.

Here are my questions.

1. what should be answer for How long are you working for this client. Should i say only 2 months or do i need to say old duration worked + current duration.

2. If i say even the old duration what would be probable questions. Will the VO asks about past employer and client. what questions can the VO ask about past employment. Do they even ask how is it possible to work for the same client location with new employer for the same roles. Please advise on how to answer this question.

3. Lastly is it a good idea to go stamping after H1b transfer to Canada within 4 months.



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