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NY is one of the most competitive in the nation, because everyone wants to be near NYC. In addition, NY has tough rules for granting medical licenses to EMG's; basically you MUST work in an underserved area, even if you don't need a waiver job. So unless you have strong ties to an underserved inner-city population, the J-1 waiver job is going to be in upstate NY, and even then, you will face stiff competition.

PA and NY are a bit easier, though still heavily sought after, so you'll face competition. Get started early, make those contacts, and line up a job.

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The waiver program is New York is likely closed for this cycle. As of the last inquiry, the PA program was filling up quickly. The NJ program is also very popular, and one should check with the State administrator to determine availability. Generally, each state has its own rules, and accept placements in HPSAs, MUA/Ps or provide for FLEX placements based on their policy and health care requirements and needs.

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